Technology advancement reflects the country image

Technology advancement is the most vital concept as per today world objectives is concerned and however, there are many countries who are taking necessary steps to introduce more technology and its uses in the normal day to day lives. The people have become so much do dependent on technology that even for a simple work they are applying or using technology in it. By this, we can say that technology has made people pull and lazy because without that they are can’t move a single piece. Notwithstanding the truth, that man only introduced technologies and its application, but now it seems to have become a curse for people.

Trends in the Country 


The trends are likewise same for India, technology has acquired every place wherever it has implemented. Today India is one of the fastest developing countries in the world with some latest development in the field of science and tech. India this year is raising as the massive land for the 4G development of the giant telecom companies. After the demonetization, there have been lots of reforms made in the area of technology. The initiative of Digital India has boosted the technology advancement. India also has launched its own UPI, BHEEM app and other commercial uses app so that the people become more habitual with the technology and make India a Cashless country.

Measure to boost the technology 

In India, there is a number of private and government engineering institute who are developing and delivering some of the quality of young and dynamic engineers who are making some significant effort in the field of technology. The institute like IIT, BIT etc. are delivering the quality of technical education among the students so that they become a successful engineer or scientist and contribute the same towards the country. There are organizations in the country that is using the creativity and innovation of the youngster to develop something new which could be beneficial for the society. There are many research institutes like CMERI, BARC, ISRO etc.

Achievements and accolades: 

Recently, India launched GSAT 9 as a voluntary contribution to the SAARC countries which will enhance the communication level, broadcasting, Internet , disaster management, DTH, the education, and telemedicine. Apart from this, the contribution towards Digital India initiatives makes the country one of the major developing country. The country also has stepped to the generation of the cashless country. There is much more technology achievement which includes manufacturing, less cost and effective satellite as compared to NASA. The technology also has boosted the health sector, public sector, industrial sector and also another sector to work more efficiently and effectively.
However, technology is playing a crucial role in making one’s life easier and task simpler. There is nothing left to uncover technology have deeply sown in one’s normal life, whether it is posting a real life story on social media or making payment by using UPI or any other online payment options. There are some pages which are still left to be read. The day is not far when robots will replace human and will take control of most of the matter.

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