Exploring Tools That All SEO Enthusiasts Should Start Using Right Now

Search engine optimization has changed substantially over the past few years. In some ways, the practice has gotten much harder. This has been brought about due to various changes Google has made to their algorithm. However, the practice has also gotten somewhat easier, thanks to the massive number of tools that can help simplify many difficult SEO activities. Whether you’re looking for new keywords or need to find powerful backlinks, relying on technology to help is incredibly wise. Below, you will learn more about some of the tools that all SEO enthusiasts should be using.

Longtail Keyword Generator

Finding keywords isn’t overly difficult, but finding powerful keywords can be. In many cases, creating longtail keywords from your primary keyword is highly recommended. This is why you should consider using the keyword scraper SEO tool. This specific software will be able to find longtail keywords that are directly related to your primary keyword in one way or another. This is great because longtail keywords generally have little competition, but often have high levels of traffic. With the right longtail keywords, your site could climb Google’s results very rapidly.

Keyword Generator

Site Spider

Wouldn’t you love to know how Google sees your website? By placing yourself in Google’s shoes, you will be able to determine almost instantly whether or not your site is properly optimized. Using a website crawler or spider is a good way to achieve this goal. This will provide you with raw data, such as page title, meta description, metadata, and status codes for your pages. If you’ve missed an opportunity to place your keyword on your site, a site spider will help you identify it. The site spider can also help you identify website problems. Using a spider on a regular basis is highly recommended and will help you correct problems, such as bad links, that could hurt your site’s ranking.

Checking Your Website Rank

Whether you spend weeks, months or even years on building your website, you will become curious about your website ranking in the search results. When you reach this point in the game, you will need to find a decent rank checker. Once you create an account, if this action is necessary, you will have the world at your hands. Most of these tools work in a similar manner, as they all allow you to check your website ranking in the search results.

There are many benefits of this simplistic tool, with the main one being able to receive data about your website ranking within minutes. Once this information is received, you will be able to utilize it to make the necessary improvements in your SEO campaign to achieve success.

The ranking is actually where a website is located on the search engine results page. Of course, a preferable position would be the first or second spot, which can be extremely difficult to achieve.

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